Rally on Peace

Green works foundation organized rally at Hyderabad press club on 1st January 2014 on New Year happiness 2014.Ms Fareeda channa welcomed to all participates. In this rally was including Children of the different communities. Children demands from government of the Pakistan for peace and education. To address different civil society activist and different organization of the head, just like civil society network of Hyderabad president Anwar Khaskheli said that now a day’s peace very important for us because with peace our society is uncompleted. Madam Fareeda channa chairperson of green works foundation said that education ratio in our society is very low and our children deprived from education so I request that to state of Pakistan took hurry action for the betterment of education. Vice president Munir Ahmed khalhoro said that we want peace in our society because people of Pakistanis has affected from the terrorist so we have must need of peace if have not peace our society then we cannot development in every step of life. Mr Gulam Mustafa Baloch regional director Of SPO Hyderabad, he said that people of Pakistanis are not save in his society because our country is facing problem of the terrorism so state of the Pakistan should take action for the peace in Pakistan and we have believe peace is possible for everyone.

Objectives of rally



  • Peace and education development
  • Demand of children for peace and education
  • To engaged civil society in area of peace and education


Press conference on Right of Education

GREEN WORKS FOUNDATION (GWF) is a non-profitable, non-governmental Organization has been working since 2012 and was registered in 2013 under Societies Registration Act XXI 1860. The GWF is founded by Fareeda Channa as educationist and philanthropist working for marginalized community for 20 years. It is based in District HYDERABAD but its area of operation encompasses the whole of the Province (SINDH). The main objectives of GWF are to empower and educate deprived community in the field of education, health and vocational trainings. GWF struggles to coordinate its efforts with those Departments and NGOs that are providing rehabilitant developmental services in the area. Along with other sectors GWF also chose health and Education sector to help poor, needy and downtrodden, those often forgotten by the society around them.

Chairperson of Green works foundation has done press conference on education causes. She said that in our country 72% children are deprived from education and education is Basie rights of children .In this country increase price of things ,unemployment and bad governs therefore some children after metric could not continue study because they are not afford expensive of education then have left street of education .In Pakistan increase Illegal activities, violence of women and early marriage, .we request have to government of Pakistan think about future of the new generation and took action in hurry for health and education and in this conference include was Mr. Munir Ahmed Ms ,Munwar sultana ,Ms yasmeen Qazi, Mr. Akhond ,mulak Mukhtaira and Mr. Aftab

Objectives of conference



  • To aware people of our society for Basie right of education
  • To ensure government of Pakistan for serious issue of the society
  • To fight for women against violence in our society
  • To convey massage rural women for the Basie rights of his life


Radio Day

Green works foundation organized World Radio Day on 13 February 2013 at radio Pakistan Hyderabad Sindh. Green works foundation is World Radio Day a day to celebrate radio as a medium; to improve international cooperation between broadcasters; and to encourage major networks and community radio alike to promote access to information, freedom of expression and gender equality over the airwaves.

As radio continues to evolve in the digital age, it remains the medium that reaches the widest audience worldwide. It is essential to furthering UNESCO’s commitment to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Objectives of Event



  • Sensitizing radio station owners, executives, journalists, and governments to develop gender- related policies and strategies for radio
  • Eliminating stereotypes and promoting multidimensional portrayal in radio
  • Building radio skills for youth radio production, with a focus on young women as producers, hosts, reporters
  • Promoting Safety of women radio journalistse
  • Green works foundation want to with all countries to celebrate World Radio Day by planning activities in partnership with regional, national and international broadcasters, non-governmental organizations, the media and the public. Record a World Radio Day message and share it with the world.

Mothers Day

Green works foundation organized international mother language day on 21 February at Hotel Indus Hyderabad. 25 women are participated in international mother language day Ms Munwar Palijo ,Ms sharmeen ,Ms Yasmeen Mugsi, Ms Saeeda Abro. Program was started with Talwat pak and Welcomed by Ms Fareeda channa chairperson green works foundation to participate. this days was main purpose to promote the dissemination of mother tongues will serve not only to encourage linguistic diversity and multilingual education but also to develop fuller awareness of linguistic and cultural traditions throughout the world but we people of sindhi are deprived of his mother language

Objectives of this event



  • To promote the preservation and protection of all languages used by peoples of the world
  • To promote all the mother languages in Pakistan
  • To promote Sindhi language and passed bill for Sindhi language as national language

In the international mother language day women decided, will fight for right of mother language because mother language basic right of any nation and we want to live peaceful in the world because we are the followers of humanity



8th March 2014

Green works foundation is a non-profitable, non-governmental Organization has been working since 2012 and was registered in 2013 under Societies Registration Act XXI 1860. The GWF is founded by Fareeda Channa as educationist and philanthropist working for marginalized community for 20 years. It is based in District HYDERABAD but its area of operation encompasses the whole of the Province (SINDH). The main objectives of GWF are to empower and educate deprived community in the field of education, health and vocational trainings. GWF struggles to coordinate its efforts with those Departments and NGOs that are providing rehabilitant developmental services in the area. Along with other sectors GWF also chose health and Education sector to help poor, needy and downtrodden, those often forgotten by the society around them. Green works foundation an arranged a signature campaign on “Stop Violence Against Women ” on 8th march 2014, on this event so many people of locality, advocates, doctors, teachers and students put their signature on signature sheet and assured to GWF that they are in favor of this camp. In this international day women’s, and males happily signature on sheets of signature campaign

Objectives of this event  


  • Stop violence against of women
  • To stop sexual harassment in government or private sectors
  • To provide women equal opportunity in every step of life
  • To aware rural women about his rights through the this international day
  • To ensure world of women we are with you in every step of life and don not feel alone women are alone in the world.

World Labour Day

On May 4, 2014 GWF organized a Seminar in respect of “WORLD LABOUR DAY” at Press Club Hall Hyderabad. Seminar was presided by Fareeda Channa Chairperson Green Works Foundation, Mr. Jaam Saqi was Chief Guest of the seminar and he is the Senior Political and social worker. Mr. Mustafa Baloch from SPO, Veerjee Koolhi Advocate, Mr. Professor Atta Bilo, Mr. Professor Suresh Makhijani, Mr. Dodo Maheri from SUP participated as honorary guest in seminar. Mr. Masood Jamal was stage secretary. Seminar was started by reciting Holy Quran. Mr. Munir Ahmed Khalhoro Advocate Vice-chairman GWF welcome the Chief Guest, Honorary Guests and all participants and also gave a introduction of Green Works Foundation, he told Foundation’s Vision, Mission and objectives to participants in the seminar, further he said in his speech that GWF working without any donation organizing these types of seminars, programs and activities on self funding, Mr. Veerjee Koolhi addressed the gathering and talked about miscarriage of justice with labors and rights of labors, he said that laws are made but these are in books only still not implemented. Mr. Dodo Maheri also discussed about the rights of labors, he said that child labor is also common, Professor Suresh Makhijani, Professor Atta Bilo, Mustafa Baloch regional director of SPO Hyderabad also addressed the gathering’s Fareeda Channa Founder and Chairperson GWF also addressed the gathering in this seminar and she said tragedy happened with labors in Chicago can’t be forgotten, she further said that we will fight for the rights of labor and we can’t bear the violation of rights of labor. She said that our country is agricultural country and totally depends upon laborers. In last she thanked to all participants guests to participate in this seminar.

Objectives of this event
  • To fight right for the labors
  • To show equality with international day

Every participate has been decided we will voice rise for the labor rights and fights for them rights


Legal Aid

GREEN WORKS FOUNDATION Legal Aid, Case history of Shrimati Bai (a blind lady) This is case of Shrimati Karma Bai w/o Narain Das B/c Bagri, Adult, Hindu R/o: Railway Station Hala, District Matiyari, Sindh Pakistan. That Shirimati is Blind lady is citizen of Pakistan and permanently settled on above address along with his family, and she is disable/blind lady who contracted marriage with Narain Das S/o Nathur Mal near about 4 years back, on which some members from her relatives were not happy on that marriage. After marriage Shirimati (a Blind lady) along with her husband started residing at Khadim Goth Karachi, where she gave birth to a child named Nirjan. Shirimati (a Blind lady) was called by her aunty Shrimati Madam that her mother was seriously ill and admitted in Hospital Hyderabad. On 30-08-2013 applicant along with her child went to Isra Hospital from where she was forcibly brought to her parents’ house at Hala by 2 accused persons (1) Anwar and (2) Shirimati Madam where she was illegally confined. On 01-10-2013, Shrimati (a Blind lady along with her child was present at her relative’s house Hala, at about 8:00 am she heard hue and cry she observed there were Anwar and Shrimati Madam they forcibly snatched her child namely Nirjan aged about 7 months and took him away with them, such kind of case FIR no 48/2014 U/s 364A, 506, 34 P.P.C of P.S Hala is also registered against above 2 accused persons for kidnapping a innocent child. Even though the FIR is registered but above named accused persons are absconder and are available at their homes and easily to move here and there, but Police of P.S Hala is not willing to arrest them and refused to arrest them, because accused persons are very dangerous and powerful, and continuously accused persons are issuing murderer threats to Shirimati (a Blind lady) and her Husband. They approached to the Police many times for protection and arrest the accused of case but police kept them on false hopes and finally ignored them. (Investigating officer). Above accused persons who are still absconder, they are pressurizing the Shirimati (a Blind lady) by way of kidnapping her little child aged about 7 months only, by registering the false cases on the relatives of her husband.

Green Works Foundation (GWF) took this matter in her own hands to solve this issue and provided free legal aid to them. On 18th of July, Advocate Munir Khalhoro (Legal Adviser GWF) filed a Petition before the Honorable Court of Distt: & Sessions Judge Matiyari in order to arrest the nominated accused persons and provide the protection to victims. Court decided the matter in favor of victims and ordered the concerned Police Officials to arrest the accused persons and bring them in the court of law. That after such order of the Court, accused persons came into contact with victim lady to inter in to compromise and further accused showed their will to return the chilled (abductee). And now matter is pending for decision and date will be announced very soon.

Green works foundation will established Green Model Schools in overall Sindh and giving start of schools from Bakhtawar Colony (Katchi Abadi) Qasimabad, Hyderabad. Community has been donated plat for model school to green works foundation GWF is planning in future will open green model schools in Taluka union council and distract level.


Objectives of this event


  • To provided free education area of poor people
  • To development area through the education

One day free medical camp in (THAR)


GWF organized one day free medical camp in (THAR) Village Chahi Chapro, U.S Jhirmirio, Taluka Diplo District Mithi in collaboration with Pakistan Para Medical and Thardeep Rural Development Mithi. Thar, in which free vaccines of hepatitis “B” were injected to 423 children and adults, among them ( 93 Children and 330 were adults males/females ) Mrs.Fareeda Channa Chairperson GWF, Mr. Munir Ahmed Khalhoro Secretary General GWF, and Dr Mumtaz Jatoi were the core members who worked voluntarily in the camp.

Objectives of this event  
  • To temporary provide medical relief for poor people
  • To protection people of poor community from diseases.

Free vaccines of hepatitis “B” were injected to 423 children and adults, among them (93 Children and 330 were adults males/females.

Green Works Foundation Organized a Ladies Camp at naseem anagr chowk Qasimabad Hyderabad for fund raising camp for the starvation in Thur. in which medicines were collected and same were distributed as above shown. Fareeda Channa Chairperson GWF, Mrs. Kulsoom, Munwar Sultana Palijo, Muktiar Malik, Sahiba Aftab and Fatima Amman were core members who worked voluntarily in this camp.


Vaccines of hepatitis "B"

Vaccines of hepatitis “B” were injected to 400 children and adults, among them (100 Children and 200 were adults males/females)

Green works foundation organized seminar On Peace and Harmony in Nelson Mandela Hall at University of Sindh Jamshoro on 21 September 2014. Green works foundation chairperson Mrs.Fareeda channa welcomed to all participate and she talked on peace, peace is very important for our society and without peace any society of country cannot development in area economy, humanity and other things relative of society. Mr. Aslam Memon (Professor of university of Sindh Jamshoro), He said that without peace cannot do development of country and peace living in human being and Pakistani peoples wants to lives peacefully in his society.

Mr. Mashood Jamal said that Sindh land is likes sufiasim and in Sindh living Sufi person as like Shah Abdul latif bhitati, Sufi Sachal sarmast, Shahbaz Qulandar, Shah Inyat shah and another person living land of Sindh then world giving example about Sindh, Sindh is peace full land Because Sindh belong to sufiasim but now not peace in Sindh. We should struggle for peace in society and in seminar other person do addressed like Mr. Munir Ahmed vice chairman Green work foundation and Mr. Arif Abssi.

Objectives of this event  
  • To aware about peace to student of university of Sindh Jamshoro
  • To engage youth in area of peace & harmony in communities

Seminar was conducted on peace in which many professor and student and civil participate .it was decide youth engage for peace activity ,and professor will trained to student on peace and civil society also to trained communities for peace activity.


Green Works Foundation conducted meeting on regarding issue/Kidnapping of Anjili Meghwar, Kiran and murder of Christian Couple Shehzad and Shamma

Green Works Foundation conducted meeting On regarding issue/Kidnapping of Anjili Meghwar, Kiran and murder of Christian Couple Shehzad and Shamma, in this meeting Large Number of people of Civil Society. Lead by this meeting Ms Fareeda Channa Chairperson Green Works Foundation joins us Mr. Kohli, Mr. Mustafa Baloch ,Mr. Dr. Asho Thama Mr.Javed Soz , Mr. Advocate-Munir Kalhoro,Ms. Haseen Musarat ,Mr. Punhal Sario , Ms. Yasmeen Qazi, Mr. Ahmed raza and others participated in this meeting. They all condemned such issue in Pakistan, and they all will organize protest rallies all over Sindh.

Key Discuss

Ms Fareeda channa: chairperson of green work foundation welcomed to all stakeholder, civil society and social activist. She said that nowadays day by day increasing big problems for Hindu girls so green work foundation about should protect for hers then I have called for meeting, so I am very thankful to you because you have expensive big time for serious issue.

Punhal Sario: he said that religion extremism increasing in Pakistan Bloch people fighting from 2000 for nationality and they has been showing identification of nationality our Sindh was secular .in has been now a day in Sindh issue for Hindu is facing problems kidnapping, you should know about if Sindh fumes our all world what the reason of fumes of Sindh because Sindh is land of sufiasim as like shah Abdul latif, Qulandar shahbaz, Sachal sarmast, Shah Inyat Sufi and others Sufi living land of Sindh and Sindh land of massager of sufiasim in the world but now very sadness news for land of Sindh, Sindh has been bounded on religion basis then Hindus are facing largest of problems in Sindh . Hindus daughters have been kidnapping and after kidnapping has been change religion on gun point. Pakistan has been MOU signature with UN but he did not follow it.

Mustafa Baloch: discuss on current issue of kidnapping of Anjili Meghwar, Kiran Sindh and murder of Christian Couple Shehzad and Shammain Punjab. He said in Pakistan some contactor of religion day by day creating problem for Hindus girls you, can see in the on social media in Punjab Shehzad and Shammain has been died is it humanity in Muslims of Pakistani

Verje Koolhi: he said I have visited different cities of Sindh and we have talked victims Hindu families they said us, we have allow in our homes to Muslim peoples when they came in our homes and attack on our girls, so our girls are not save. He said that Anjili will come in court so legally we can prove she is age wise notable for marriage

Munir Ahmed: 1947 to still non Muslim are unsecure in state of Pakistan because there is majority of Muslims therefore they are unsecure. Its issue can solve through politically but political parties are not serious for solve this big problems of Hindu of Sindh so in this suctions how will be possible Hindus families will feel well in land of Sindh

Hussein Musarat shah: she said that in our state of women also facing many difficulties but especially Hindus girls are depraved in our society for easy walk

Objectives of this event  
  • To voice rise for victims non Muslims girls as support on humanity basis
  • To protect planning with organization and civil society on current issue kajul and Anjili
  • To planning protect her rights and try relief to effected girls of Hindus.

After meeting green work foundation has been decided collectively will conducted rallies with civil society, Organization, political parties and other cities of social activities do will do protest for kujal and Anjili issue and should remove deprivation from kujal and Anjili parents.


Seminar on International Day for the Elimination

Violence against Women at Hindu Goth Qasimabad Hyderabad Sindh and this program was participate 50 women village of Hindu Goth it was started by shah sain jee wai . Ms Fareeda said that 25 November the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and girls around the world and we are with world affected women will fight Violence against of Women also GWF will fight for right and you did not feel alone in society INSHALLAH one day will come you will be free from violence and will feel happy.

Objectives of this event
  • To ensure in society women are not alone and they have equal rights in society
  • To stop Violence against women is a human rights violation
  • Violence against women is a consequence of discrimination against women, in law and also in practice, and of persisting inequalities between men and women
  • Violence against women and girls is not inevitable. Prevention is possible and essential
  • Violence against women continues to be a global pandemic.

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