Who We Are

Green Works Foundation (GWF) is an NGO non-profitable, non-governmental Organization has been working since 2012 and was registered in 2013 under Societies Registration Act XXI 1860. The GWF is founded by Fareeda Channa as educationist and philanthropist working for marginalized community for 20 years. It is based in District Hyderabad, but its area of operation encompasses the whole of the Province (Sindh). The main objectives of GWF are to empower and educate deprived community in the field of education, health and vocational trainings. GWF struggles to coordinate its efforts with those Departments and NGOs that are providing rehabilitant/ developmental services in the area. Along with other sectors GWF also chose health and Education sector to help poor, needy and downtrodden, those often forgotten by the society around them.


Registration and Act

Under Societies Registration Act XXI 1860.

Registration No:- 7131




Green Works Foundation by taking its practical efforts will enable to every individual of impoverishment and support them to achieve economic, social, cultural and sustainable development.



Green Works Foundation’s mission is to eradicate poverty in deprived community and bring literacy through developing Sectors like Model Schools, Health, Women Rights, women empowerment, Youth Developments, and Technical Education for enhancement the capacity building of poor people at low socio group of community.


Thematic Area of Works

  • Education
  • Health
  • Women Rights
  • Legal Aid
  • Environment
  • Wash

Cross Cutting Themes

  • Social Mobilization
  • Gender Mainstreaming
  • Women Protection
  • Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Conflict Resolution

Core Values

  • Transparency
  • Participation
  • Dignity
  • Equity
  • Indiscrimination
  • Accountability
  • Diversity of culture
  • Respect


GWF strongly believes in participatory approaches in all its programs consulting and involving marginalized people right from identification, review and evaluation stages is normal practice of GWF


Geographical Area

GWF is willing to work within the whole Province of Sindh of Pakistan. It has wonderful coordination in all District of Sindh and also has been engaged with different humanitarian networks in various districts.



The targeted groups of GWF are the poorest household of the area who does not accuses to economic opportunities, healthcare services, and neglected in terms of general development. These households are carefully selected by GWF staff and village organization. The main object of the program is to enhance the socio-economic, health and education status the selected beneficiaries’ 90% of which are women.


Advocacy and Networking

Practice of advocacy and networking is probably as old as mankind. It is well known that people everywhere and in all the time take measures to capitalize on their social relations in order to deal with the challenges of life. Networking is mechanism that links people and organizations that share some kind of common goal.

Following activities carryout under this component.

  • Advocating major issues of the women of the Sindh through conducting dialogues, organizing seminars, and works shops.
  • Regular meeting with government officials and elected representatives focusing on implementation of laws and regulations.
  • Meeting and regular correspondence with NGOs at national and international level to reinforce relation.


Monitoring and Evaluation

GWF ensures participation of communities in monitoring process by holding regular meetings and community conferences. Beginning from field dairies monitoring networks is spread up to periodic review workshops held on each quarter and board of directors’ meeting. In these meetings and workshops various issues are discussed at length and discussion is incorporated with objective and planning. It strengthens the system and staff capacity and capability. GWF’s M & E units play an active role in organization in order to achieve the targets and to review overall performance of organization. These all activities show the importance is sections role. M & E is like a transparency and litmus paper for organization through which every activity could be seen accurately.